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Please read our FAQs before sending us a message. This page is continually being updated and is based on actual enquiries received from our customers over time. If you can’t find an answer to your question here please get in touch with us via Chat or Email and we will do our best to help you.


Where are The Loving Nature products made?

All of our products are freshly handmade by us in our workshop in Pembrokeshire, Wales (United Kingdom) to a 100% natural recipe using the best and purest ingredients.

Are your products vegan-friendly?

Yes, our products are suitable for Vegans unless ingredients include beeswax.

Are you using eco-friendly/sustainable packaging?

Our products contain high concentrations of natural active ingredients so we use glass bottles and aluminium tins to preserve their integrity and also as an eco-friendly and more sustainable option.
We avoid plastic as much as possible in our packaging and wrapping. We only use plastic only when it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you get the best results possible (i.e. droppers).
Being a small family business there are many obstacles and challenges along the way, but we promise that we’ll always be looking for better alternatives, and as we grow, we will continue to improve!

To minimise our packaging & waste: 

  1. We have reduced our postage wrapping/packaging footprint by reducing the size, the actual amount of packaging we use for posting the items and by going 100% plastic-free
  2. We use corrugated paper as protective padding and cushion from impact, manufactured from recycled paper and fully recyclable
  3. When needed, we use EcoFlo void fill. It is made from starch in a single-stage process (which uses a lot less energy compared with the manufacturing process for the polystyrene version, which is multi-stage). It is 100% compostable, biodegradable and fully soluble when immersed in water
  4. Plain brown packaging paper is being used for some products (from sustainable forestry sources)
  5. We send our products in plastic-free paper padded envelopes, 100% biodegradable and recyclable or in recyclable green jiffy bags. These bags have a natural, 100% recycled, paper fibre lining; therefore they are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrapping
  6. We print as much as possible on recycled paper that comes from 100% post-consumer waste

Is the beeswax in your products ethically sourced?

Yes, the beeswax we are using is certified cruelty free. Our suppliers do not perform animal testing and our beeswax supply comes from fair-trade farms that ethically harvest the wax, meaning that there is plenty of food and wax left for the bees after the harvest.

Do your products contain Palm Oil?

No, we don’t use any Palm Oil in our products.

Do your products contain Certified Organic ingredients?

We use 100% natural ingredients and whenever possible we choose certified organic ingredients. These ingredients are marked with an asterisk (*) in the ingredient list of each product.

Do you test the products on animals?

No, The Loving Nature never has and never will test products on animals or buy ingredients from suppliers who do this.

Do you use fragrance oils or essential oils?

Our products are made using only the very purest essential oils. We would never use fragrance. Also, wherever possible we use certified organic essential oils.

Are you using any GMO ingredients?

No, we do not use GMO ingredients in any of our products. We make sure to request from our suppliers, documentation and proof that ALL of our ingredients were produced without the use of genetically modified organisms.

Is it safe to use your products if pregnant?

A woman’s skin becomes extra sensitive to many substances during pregnancy. All our deodorants are safe for second and third-trimester use, with the Sensitive (unscented) version being safe throughout the entire pregnancy. All our herbal salves are safe to use in general and if there are any restrictions you will find them in the product description. For example, our Cayenne Salve, which is a natural pain relief cream, can help with pregnancy-related pain (lower back, buttocks, thighs, hips, legs, tension, stiffness, etc.). However, women who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant are advised to consult their health care provider before using capsaicin (the active ingredient in our salve).

All our ingredients come directly from nature, and we don’t use mineral oils, silicones, phthalates, parabens, or any artificial fragrance or colourings in our products, but some oils may cause sensitivity during pregnancy. For a full listing of pregnancy-safe essential oils, please visit this link or ask your midwife/doctor at your next antenatal appointment.

Shouldn't something 100% natural be also 100% organic?

The ingredients we use are all-natural, meaning they’re not synthetic/man-made in a lab. They all come from nature, but only a certain percentage of them have also been Certified/Approved as ‘Organic’ (grown using organic farming methods without utilising synthetics fertilisers, genetically modified (GM) ingredients, herbicides, etc).

That’s why we only state the actual percentages (e.g. ‘100% Natural – 80% Organic’) as opposed to many companies who will use these terms to deceive consumers when in reality they only use a very small percentage of natural and/or certified organic ingredients. It is similar to the idea of ‘Greenwashing’ and we will never do that to our customers. What it says on the label is what’s in the actual product(s).

Is your deodorant AHA's (alpha-hydroxy acids) free?

The short answer is yes. We decided not to use AHA’s (lactic, glycolic, malic, citric, or tartaric acid) or similar in our deodorants.

Long answer – most people looking for an ‘AHA functional deodorant’ do it due to hyperpigmentation and because they read online that these deodorants can help with dark pigmentation or discolouration caused by shaving or waxing, reduce inflammation, exfoliate, etc. There are some obvious benefits to using alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) or beta-hydroxy acids (BHA), but there are also downsides and inconveniences. Plus, at the moment, there aren’t many scientific studies on how continued use of AHA/BHA affects skin microflora in the long term. 

AHA can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so you’ll have to wear sunscreen if the underarm area is exposed to the sun and up to one week after stopping use. Also, since AHAs are exfoliants, they may be more drying or irritating than regular deodorants. The lower pH of AHAs compared to the skin is why some people can experience skin irritation when using AHAs

Acid exfoliants won’t act as antiperspirants, so you’ll still sweat, and if you are a heavy sweater, the acid might be washed away, rendering your AHA deodorant somewhat ineffective.

Those with dry or sensitive skin are advised to stay clear of using AHA deodorants altogether or should take steps to counteract the potential for irritation. We see it as an unnecessary inconvenience, not something we like when it comes to the way a deodorant should work.

Most natural deodorants are made with Sodium Bicarbonate, and this ingredient can sometimes lead to hyperpigmentation. Our highly effective Sensitive Skin Deodorant doesn’t contain this ingredient. It is also fragrance-free, perfect for people with extra sensitive skin. It shouldn’t cause hyperpigmentation, but as with any new product you put on your skin, we always recommend a patch test first.

Since you don't use preservatives, how long do your products last?

Use our natural products within 12 months of opening for maximum effectiveness and freshness. They should all keep well if you store them in a cool, dry place and always avoid leaving them exposed to air.

What should I do if a product consistency changes?

Sometimes, quite rarely, the active ingredients can partially melt or separate in all-natural products (absolutely normal and natural). This could happen because we don’t use any binding agents, chemical hardeners, preservatives or liquefiers in our products. It also depends on several external factors like temperature, handling and storage, etc.

If excessive melting occurs thoroughly stir the mixture then place it in the fridge for a short time until it hardens back. The product is still okay to use and will have the same properties as before! If still unsure of what to do, please contact us via Chat or Email.

I noticed on the ingredients list Benzyl Benzoate, Eugenol, Limonene etc. Aren't these parabens/artificial preservatives?

For all products made in the EU/UK, the rules require a product listing to also include a list of possible skin irritants or allergens at the end of the listing. Examples of these components are Geraniol, Limonene, Citronellol, Eugenol and Benzyl Benzoate which are naturally occurring components of essential oils. For instance, Benzyl Benzoate occurs naturally in Jasmine Oil and Ylang-Ylang Oil. Limonene, Geraniol and Citronellol are natural components of Rose Oil and Eugenol is a big part of Clove Oil. We will never use synthetic chemicals in our products!

Are your beard care products nut-free?

Our beard products are handmade from all-natural and organic ingredients. These come with detailed manufacturer safety data sheets (MSDS) about what’s contained in them and all the safety, health and environment assessments. We have also had zero complaints from customers after selling thousands of products and all our ingredients are reported safe for nut allergy sufferers.

However, our products cannot be 100% guaranteed free from traces of nuts or other allergens as there is a slight possibility that they have been manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts, but not necessarily on the same equipment.

As with any skin or hair care product, there may be a certain percentage of people who are hypersensitive to them. If you decide to order any of our products, we recommend a small 24-hour patch test behind the ear or inside the elbow for any reaction to any of the ingredients on the product label. If you do have an allergy then be sure to seek medical advice before using any product you feel may have an adverse reaction.

I have a nut allergy, can I use your cream deodorant?

One of the ingredients in our deodorant is Organic Extra Virgin Coconut. The Coconut is a member of the palm family and is only a distant relative to the tree nut. The botanical distance between coconuts and tree nuts would suggest that people with tree nut allergies could tolerate coconut, but we recommend asking your doctor or conducting your research on this before using our deodorant.

If however, you decide to order any of our deodorants, we recommend a small 24-hour patch test behind the ear or inside the elbow for any reaction to any of the ingredients on the product label. If you do have an allergy then be sure to seek medical advice before using any product you feel may have an adverse reaction.

How long would your deodorant last when used daily?

With daily use, the 15ml sample tin can last around 4 weeks. A 60ml tin can last around 4 months while a 100ml tin has been reported to last around 6 months, depending on usage. A little goes a long way so don’t apply too much! 😊

My skin was irritated by your deodorant / I noticed a slight skin rash. Why is that?

Some people have sensitive skin that can react to sodium bicarbonate deodorants. Please do a small 24-hour patch test behind the ear or inside elbow, if you have any concerns. Even with 100% natural products, some skin types can become irritated so it is often down to whether a person can tolerate sodium bicarbonate or not. This mineral has highly effective natural antibacterial properties and many benefits for your health.

Because sodium bicarbonate is slightly alkaline, it can, for some people, cause redness by affecting their skin pH. We would suggest aiding the detoxification and balancing the skin pH process by rubbing raw organic apple cider vinegar (with the ‘Mother’) or fresh lemon juice on your pits and patiently continuing use. Many of our customers reported this procedure as being highly effective. If persistent irritation occurs, discontinue use. Please consider using our Unscented Natural Deodorant, specially formulated for sensitive skin.

What is the difference between your deodorant and a traditional one?

Our deodorant is 100% natural. It does not contain any parabens, aluminium salts or compounds, perfume or fragrance oils, propylene glycol, triclosan, sulphates or other harmful synthetic chemicals – ingredients commonly found in regular deodorants and antiperspirants. Our deodorants use natural ingredients to eliminate odour-causing bacteria and ensure your underarm skin stays fresh all day.

Does your deodorant work for people with eczema?

It does for most people living with eczema due to the soothing ingredients we use, but it depends on one’s sensitivity to the main active ingredient: Sodium Bicarbonate. This ingredient has some amazing properties and benefits but can be tricky for some people with sensitive skin or eczema. We suggest starting with a 15ml sample size tin and testing if eczema tends to get worse. If the skin/eczema reacts to it then it#s best to discontinue use.

A great alternative would be our sensitive/unscented version which is bicarb free, magnesium-based, but once again we highly recommend starting out with a small tin and testing the product for any reactions before ordering a larger size.

I experienced an adverse reaction/allergy, Why?

Body/skin chemistry varies from person to person. Although we use the purest, 100% natural ingredients, we cannot guarantee that customers will not experience any reactions.

If you have a history of sensitive skin, allergic reactions or have never tried The Loving Nature products before, please test the product(s) you purchase on a small area prior to use by performing a 24-hour patch test behind the ear or inside the elbow. If a persistent reaction occurs please discontinue use.


Where can I buy your products?

You can find and order our products here on our online shop, or via our ebay, Etsy and Amazon shops. You can also purchase our products from our awesome stockists.

What method of payment can I use?

You can easily and securely pay for purchases using your PayPal, and Amazon accounts or via Stripe by using any major Debit/Credit Card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express from customers worldwide. We also accept Apple Pay & Google Pay!

Apple Pay enables frictionless card payments and eliminates the need to manually type card or shipping details.

All transmitted information is private and secure. Our shopping cart and your data are protected by industry-leading encryption. See our Privacy & Security Policy for more info.

Google Pay allows you to make payments using any credit or debit card saved in your Google Account, including those from Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or an Android device.

How will you confirm my order?

Once you have completed your transaction we’ll send you an email to confirm it. When it ships, you will receive a shipping notification. If for any reason you do not receive these emails, please check your spam/junk folders and if you typed your email address correctly, otherwise the server will reject our emails and we can’t contact you.

If you still can’t find any confirmation from The Loving Nature or anything wrong on your side please contact us for assistance via Chat or Email.

When will my order be posted?

We will post your order as soon as possible after cleared payment, either on the same day if payment is received by 1 pm or the next working day. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be posted on Monday.

I cannot complete my order. What do I need to do?

Firstly, check you have filled in all required fields on the checkout page. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). If you still are unable to place your order please contact us via Chat or Email, explaining the problem. We will do our best to quickly sort this out for you.

My order has not arrived. What should I do?

Royal Mail delivery times are indicative and usually are not guaranteed, especially at busier or exceptional times or circumstances. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, Royal Mail (and their international partners) are still struggling with staffing levels and increased workload, resulting in longer than expected delivery times in some areas.

What to do:

  1. If possible, please kindly give them some extra time to deliver. Most orders arrive within 3-5 days after the estimated arrival time. Very rarely do any of our parcels get damaged or lost, with Royal mail’s deliverability rate being usually very high.
  2. I there is no parcel in your letterbox we would be very grateful if you could check with your neighbours and also contact your local delivery office. Larger parcels wouldn’t fit through a standard letterbox, and a red ‘Something for you’ card is not always left behind by the postman. Please note that a form of your ID would be needed for collection from the delivery office.
  3. If your order hasn’t arrived in 10 working days after dispatch, you must contact us straight away to submit a claim for ‘loss, damage or delay’ with Royal Mail. They will investigate and get back to us. At this stage, we will offer to refund or resend your order, whichever you prefer.

For international orders, there are many factors that can cause delays, especially now that the UK is no longer part of the European Union. Deliveries can sometimes take up to 30 working days due to stricter and time-consuming customs procedures put in place after Brexit.

We have no control over these aspects, but rest assured that we are always here for you. If there’s no sign of your parcel and no communication from your regional postal service/courier or customs authority, please get in touch.

How can I cancel an order?

An order can be cancelled only before it has been dispatched. To do so, please get in touch with us as soon as possible after placing your order via Chat or Email. We will then cancel and refund the order for you. Remember to include your order number in the email!

I changed my mind, how can I return my order?

Our policy lasts 30 days from the date of purchase. If you change your mind regarding the purchase, then you are eligible for a return. The item(s) must be returned unused and in the same condition.
Please don’t send your purchase back without contacting us first, to obtain a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number. That way, we will be able to quickly identify the order when it comes back to us and operate the return.

Please note: the buyer has to make arrangements to send the order back using a tracked service and to provide us with the tracking information (return postage and packaging will not be refunded).

What if I miss the delivery and I don't collect my parcel from the local depot in time?

When this happens we will refund the order costs once we have received the parcel back (minus the outbound shipping in most cases).

How much does shipping cost within the UK?

We currently offer free and fast delivery (typically 1-3 days) on all our United Kingdom orders for absolutely everything you will buy.

Do you ship internationally?

We certainly do, and we do it at the lowest rates possible. Europe* – £4.99 (delivery aim: 3-5 working days), United States – £7.99 (delivery aim: 6-7 working days), Rest Of The World – £6.99 (delivery aim: 6-7 working days).

*EU Orders Update

From 1st July 2021, we cannot send parcels to any EU countries for orders placed through our website due to the recent changes in VAT rules between the EU and the UK. We are working on a solution with the relevant EU departments and with our partners so hopefully, we will resume this service soon.
In the meantime, you can still place your orders through our eBay and Etsy shops. They will display prices with the VAT included and as long as the order is under 150€ or £130 there shouldn’t be any customs charges or extra fees.

What happens with duties and import fees?

As of 1st January 2021, all international orders may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and additional fees. Every country has a tax threshold, which is the amount from which a person begins paying taxes on an item. Any additional charges for customs clearance must be fulfilled by the recipient. We have no control over these charges, nor can we predict what they may be.
Customs policies vary widely and custom duty may not apply to every international shipment, therefore, please contact your local customs office for more information.


How can I earn loyalty reward points?

To start earning points all you need to do is create an account with us, so we can save your points to your account. Every time you shop with us you’ll automatically earn points to redeem.

Unfortunately, if you choose to shop as a Guest, we can not save any points. For more information, see our Rewards Programme page.

How can I redeem the loyalty points I earned?

You can redeem loyalty points for a coupon by logging into your account and clicking on ”My Loyalty Points” and then navigating to the” Redeem Loyalty Points” tab.

Will my points expire if unused?

Points are valid for 6 months. Within this period you must redeem/spend your points or earn extra points to extend the validity.
Essentially, you have 180 days after your last point transaction to either earn more points (make a purchase) or use your existing points (redeem the loyalty points for a coupon).
You can also share the love with your friends and family, by sending them a coupon code to use in our shop.

Important note: reward coupons are valid for 7 days after redeeming.


Do you drop ship products?

Sorry, we do not seek or operate with any dropshipping partners at this time.

Can I sale your products through third-party vendors like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc?

Resale of The Loving Nature trademarked wholesale goods through third-party vendors (e.g. eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc) is not currently permitted. Exception: private label orders.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Our minimum order requirements for wholesale are as follows:

  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 5 units per product/size (with increments of 5)
  • Minimum order subtotal: £100 (calculated at wholesale price)

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free UK delivery (until further notice). International orders are based on the final parcel weight, value, etc. There are also other factors that can affect international deliveries as there have been many restrictions and regulations introduced after Brexit. Please get in touch so we can find the best shipping solution for you.

Do you offer private labelling/white labelling?

Yes, we certainly do. Please note that for private label orders, a minimum order subtotal of £250.00 is required. This applies to your first order only. After that, the minimum becomes £100.

I want to become a stockist. What should I do?

Thank you for your interest! We’re always looking for new and exciting companies to partner with so please fill in our wholesale registration form here.


I forgot my password. What can I do?

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reset email by clicking the “Lost your password?” button below login. You will be taken to a page to enter your username or email address, then you’ll receive a link to create a new password via email.
Once you receive your password reset email, follow the prompts in the email.

If you can’t remember your username or email address contact us via Chat or Email and we will help you reset it.

How can I change my details?

You can change your details at any time by logging into your account and editing your profile. From your account dashboard, you can manage your shipping and billing addresses, and edit your password and account details.

Where can I find my order history

You can find your order history any time by logging into your account. From your account dashboard, you can view your recent orders, order again or print invoices.

Do you still have questions? Please contact us via Chat or Email. We are here for you!